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Can you explain Fermi levels to me?

  1. Jan 11, 2014 #1
    I'm on my second year in college and I'm doing a lecture on Fermi levels. The descriptions on Wikipedia and other sites don't seem to have been made for my level of knowledge, as I have difficulty understanding it.

    How would you describe Fermi levels on an entry level?
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    The problem is they are really a quantum phenomenon so if you don't know about discrete energy levels and fermions it will be hard to explain properly.
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    Ah, well. Thanks for replying.
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    Its just like filling a jug with milk. The fermions will fill the available states starting with the lowest energy. The final level of the milk (energy of highest energy level) is the fermi level.

    Look out for the Third Zone Monster! (If you want to Google that you need to add "fermi").
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