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Can you help me find a programming website ?

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    Can you help me find a "programming website"?


    I came across this website a few weeks ago and it would appear that I haven't bookmarked it! It had a lot of information and advice on programming. I remember reading the following sections there:

    - which first language and those suggested were python and java, among those I can remember. (there was a big list and little bits of information under each suggestion)
    - how to get started at school, preferably not taking CS classes in high school because in general, CS courses there are poorly taught and it's best if one learns on their own
    - for college: description of "electrical engineering", "computer science", "computer engineering", "information technology", etc

    I'm certain this website will come in handy but I can't seem to find it! I've been looking for the past half hour!!

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    Re: Can you help me find a "programming website"?

    Have you looked at your browser's history?
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    Re: Can you help me find a "programming website"?

    Haha! I would have but I don't have that feature enabled. (more like, it's automatically erased?)
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    Re: Can you help me find a "programming website"?

    I don't know what words to google for to find the site we're talking about, but here's a link to the programming book I suggest to beginners (http://www.htdp.org).
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