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Help with understanding programming

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    I am a very, VERY experienced programmer, as i programed in khan academy, scratch, code academy, and used android studio for programming robots in real life. However, i am very interested in programming A.I's and i learned a lot about that on codeacademy. My question is, what type of program do i look for that is a lot like the one in codeacademy (by the way, if u go to the codeacademy website, which would help, and see what i am talking about, go to "courses" and go down to 'language skills'. Then go down and cklick on the learn java part, as i prefer to work in java:smile:)

    please help me out here!!!
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    Your question is unclear. After you click the "Learn Java" button, what then? Are you asking how to develop a web application like the one that codecademy has?

    Also, please don't use "text-speak" here at PF ("u" for "you" and so on), which isn't permitted under the rules at this site.
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    A.I. is a very large subject. If you learned a lot about A.I., can you describe the nature of the A.I. that you are interested in? Or is that your question?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Hm. I've been programming since 1968. I still don't think I'm that great. Must have missed something.

    Anyway what you seem to want is an interface to open source AI engines. So you can code in java or whatever. Decent AI development requires multiple programmers. Using existing AI libraries can be a one person thing.

    https://www.tensorflow.org/ by Google is free, has lots of help, and is considered by the folks who know to be well documented and a very good project, all in all.
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