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Can you reccoment a second first year UG text book?

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    Hi, at the moment I am using the set book (Physics for scientists and engineers, Tipler) for my core physics modules at uni. However I want something which has roughly the same stuff in it but which will present it in a slightly different way. A good analogy is my use of maths books, I use both Boas and Riley and I find that by looking at both of these I am able to understand stuff better.

    I know that people will say that I should go into the library and look at the books, however I am just looking for a suggestion of what people have found useful or alternatively what people think they would find useful if they were in my position.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    That old standby, the The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Also

    Sherwin, Basic Concepts of Physics

    Resnick & Haliday, Physics, 3rd ed. (not Fundamentals of Physics)

    French, Newtonian Mechanics and Vibrations and Waves
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