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Can you recommend any textbooks/lectures on cyber security?

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    Hi PF,

    I am looking for some advice on textbooks or lecture course material that covers cyber security. I know it is a broad topic so as my background is in physics, I guess beginning at the introductory level would suit me best.
    I am interested in texts that include mathematical approaches.

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    Simon Bridge

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    Personal interest?
    Bruce Schneier's blog also has book reviews and papers. His "Schneier on Security" book (basically his blog articles) is a good start. If you have more immediate concerns, I have a more technical list around here someplace.
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    What area of cybersecurity are you interested in?

    There is quite a bit to cybersecurity. For example you could focus on the mathematical analysis of the algorithms themselves, or you could focus on program design issues that are important when writing cryptographic protocols and programs, or you could even focus on things like data acquisition as well as key protocols: for example passwords might have to have a certain structure to avoid simple dictionary attacks and in some environments, the data acquisition for the key might have to involve some kind of biometric system.

    With the above said, what kind of area are you interested in?
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