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Medical Cancer detection via smartphone app

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    why would they put it on a phone and not use a larger version, that is more accurate and used by a trained professional this WILL over load doctors offices with hypochondriacs and other concerned people. but will on balance probably kill more than save. due to the over load of people that are not sick. plus the pic on the phone in the advert is of the stomach. so how the phone could amit the very high frequency wave to get all the hydrogen to line up and take a recording i think it is a fake or useless ether way i would not get it. good find these this are rarely seen to here compared to the amount of them that are out there.
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    It looks like it needs a small MRI type sensor of some kind. Maybe that interfaces to the phone via Bluetooth?
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    When or who would ever use such a thing? I can see this being used by faith healers to "diagnose" cancer and then miraculously heal.

    It's hard enough at times to make a diagnosis with traditional cat scans or MRIs read by experts.
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    100% agreed
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    I'd say, that any additional easy and cheap early warning system is good progress. It may be comparable to fecal occult blood test, false positive just mandates further monitoring. Still, the picture in the article is clearly misleading and more detailed description of the detection method is missing...
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    I think smartphone is just for start testing purposes. Perhaps they can devise a separate gadget for this purpose. I agree
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