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Candle flicker algorithm and hardware

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    I was looking at some of those battery operated candles that flicker like real candles, and asked myself, "how hard would that be to make?" The main problem being, I have very little knowledge of electrical engineering. Even if I had an algorithm, I wouldn't know how to implement it into hardware.

    http://www.jacksonshomeandgarden.com/ledcandles.aspx?gclid=CIyi9Yeyi4YCFQdMGgodB2VAFw [Broken]

    I thought it would be neat to make my own, and just hollow out real candles.
    How complex is the problem of creating such a device? Does the hardware have to be made custom for the algorithm?

    Where can I start?
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    There was a nice article in Nuts&Volts covering both some theory and construction of electronic candles.

    Perhaps their web site might have it available.
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    Neat, i'll have to check it out. :cool:
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    It appears the link is broken when I do a search on their site. When I check out the cached page by google, it's just a short paragraph telling the reader that the candle circuitry info is in that particular issue.
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    There is always the library. :smile:
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