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Can't Finish Physics .

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    Can't Finish Physics .....

    I'm writing to those of you who have finished either with a physics, math or engineering degree or have had a similar experience. I'm in my last year of physics B.S. and I am basically shutting down completely... I would be finishing in the fall if everything was going well this semester... but it's not. I really just don't have any the will to work anymore. I've completed the two introductory courses, P&N, E&M, Mechanics, 1st Lab, Physics communication class, and Quantum A all with a 3.1 average and now that I am in thermo, quantum B, Adv Lab i've just stopped doing my work, skipping classes and thus doing poorly on my tests ... I utterly hate the fact that i've gone so far and this is happening now. My brain is just tired... I have no other problems in my life; beautiful,smart and funny girlfriend, loving family and many (non-science related ;) ) friends to hang out with. I would appreciate any advice you may have or techniques that got you back up on that horse! Thank you
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    Re: Can't Finish Physics .....

    One suggestion I have is to get to career services. Put together a resume, and take a long look at your options after graduation. See how your resume will look depending on how you do for the rest of your time in college. Start looking for jobs and seeing what you might apply for. I recommend doing this with a career services advisor and getting some good honest feedback.

    Having a realistic sense of your future and finding a goal that you want to work for can be very motivating. Good luck.
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    Re: Can't Finish Physics .....

    Why can't you take a leave of absence for a year or two and re-evaluate what you want to do?

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