Capacitances and Potential Difference.

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Homework Statement

I am given a circuit wherein there is a capacitor C1 followed by a battery of PD E1 followed by a capacitor C2 followed by a battery of PD E2 connected back to C1. Find PD across C1 (v1) and C2 (v2)

| _ E2_|

C1 = = C2

Homework Equations

Kirchoffs loop equation

The Attempt at a Solution

Applying Kirchoff's law we have,
E1 - V2 - E2 + V1 = 0
E1 - E2 = V2 - V1
Now what??
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You know that charge cannot flow between the capacitors, so the charges on them are equal.
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Charges cannot flow alright. But how do you know they are equal?
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I was extremely sleepy when doing this stuff. Obvious answers now that I've woken up. I wasn't even thinking. I don't even remember coming on here and making this thread. VERY SLEEPY. My mistake.