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Carburettor throttle slide material

  1. Jan 1, 2016 #1
    I am re-engineering a 40+ year old carburettor design. The current throttle slide has stress raiser flaws and is the same material as the mixing chamber that it slide interfaces with. The prototype slides were printed in ABS for fitment trials. The functional trials used Acetal allowing for slide expansion to operating temperature.
    I envisage a material that copes with:
    1. Petrol, Ethanol, Methanol, LPG
    2. Heat - residual heat soak with engine switched off more so than in operation
    3. Wear - the mixing chamber is zinc alloy so the slide should be the sacrifical element
    4. Impact - the slide is subject to single manifold pulses of 20 inHg to zero at idle as well as dealing with spring loaded slide snap-shut at deceleration.
    5. High surface finish esp. for an internal piston bore as well as external sealing.
    Any ideas?
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    Hi All.
    So far, LG2 for consideration?
    Any alternatives to...? Any reasons why not...?
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