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A water slide (also referred to as a flume, or water chute) is a type of slide designed for warm-weather or indoor recreational use at water parks. Water slides differ in their riding method and therefore size. Some slides require riders to sit directly on the slide, or on a raft or tube designed to be used with the slide.
A typical water slide uses a pump system to pump water to the top which is then allowed to freely flow down its surface. The water reduces friction so sliders travel down the slide very quickly. Water slides run into a swimming pool (often called a plunge pool) or a long run-out chute. A lifeguard is usually stationed at the top and the bottom of the slide, so that if a rider gets hurt they will be treated immediately.

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  1. T

    A Puzzling Equation: Will the Block Slide or Not?

    So far I have reached a pretty promising equation that if uk * g >= F/(m1+m2+…+mn) then kth block will atleast surely not slide wrt the lower one. But the converse to this that if uk * g < … then it will “surely” slide is wrong!! Stuck on this from many days! Thanks (:
  2. 1

    How can I easily Uncouple this slide and lock on an office chair?

    While my hunky husband was lifting the chair up, and my brawny brother pushing the frame down, I kept hitting the top of the slide with a screwdriver, to try to loosen the slide. But these parts are still wedged too tightly! We ran out of energy and ideas! How can we life hack this please...
  3. A

    Air wedge - why is reflection from top of first slide ignored?

    My textbook derives the condition for bright and dark fringes on an air wedge by assuming that the reflected and refracted rays have a path difference of pi. Hence the conditions for bright and dark fringes end up being the opposite of what is expected. However I did not really understand the...
  4. Spiffyline153

    I Uncovering the Secrets of Water Slide Physics

    I'm a researcher hoping to look at some papers on the technical aspect of water physics on a water slide. Does anyone have resources or pointers for me? Essentially, I'm trying to find the optimal amount of water needed to propel a passenger down a standard straight water slide, but I don't know...
  5. A

    Comparing Energy and Movement on a Swing and Water Slide

    ¿Cómo es la calidad de la acción y la variación de la energía y el movimiento, durante el desplazamiento, cuando se usa un columpio y un tobogán de agua? [Translated by a Mentor using Google Translate]
  6. A

    How to make the small ball slide into the groove in Simscape multibody

    Good day All! I have a problem , I could do almost all the mechanism, my problem is how to make slide the little ball into the groove. whenever i run the program i got the follwing error message ['rotating_groove_cylinder_good_trial']: The following errors were found in the model...
  7. A

    The body slides off an inclined plane

    ma = mg * sinα - fmg * cosα a = g (sinα-f * cosα) v = g*t(sinα - f * cosα) 14.7 = 10 * 2 (sin60 - f * cos60) f = 0.26 Can someone please check if my solution is correct? I'd really appreciate that.
  8. E

    B What Replaced Mechanical Calculators Before Modern Calculators Were Invented?

    Digression, but what on Earth is that ruler thing he's using to calculate products at 14:10 and 15:40? Edit: I found it, it's called a "slide rule": https://www.math.utah.edu/~alfeld/sliderules/
  9. T

    Child going down a water slide (potential energy and energy conservation)

    Vf = ? y = ? ME = mgy + 1/2mv^2 ME = 56*9.81*y + 1/2*56*1^2 Ui + Ki = Ui + Ki gyi + 1/2vi^2 = gyf + 1/2 vf^2gyf = 1/2vf^2 vf = 5.425 m/s 9.81y + 1/2*1^2 = 9.81*1.5 + 1/2*5.425^2 y = 2.949 m MEi = 56*9.81*2.949 + 1/2*56*1^2 MEi = 1648 J The picture for this problem really confuses me. I am...
  10. Z

    Find the angle required for a 3kg block to slide down an incline

    This is a rough sketch of the model. It is frictionless. I originally tried simple right-angle trig (sin θ =opp/hyp), but that just ends up as sin θ = sin θ , as well as cos θ = cos θ. I feel like there's also a way to manipulate dynamic equations around to equate something that is capable...
  11. Aurimas

    How to design a slide switch mechanism to be waterproof -- ideas?

    I need to protect electronic parts in case from water. The thing is, I need to design slide switch on the cap of the housing. Maybe any ideas?
  12. M

    A kid slips off the top of the hill -- find the escape angle

    Hi, This is my try. Are you in agreement with this ? Thanks.
  13. V

    Calculating Work and Velocity on a Water Slide

    I don't really understand if the initial horizontal velocity is 0? Or do I assume it's some constant? Putting aside vertical velocity. Also how should the "mechanical work done by gravity" be calculated? Is it just ##W = \frac{1}{2}mv^2_{final} - \frac{1}{2}mv^2_{initial}##
  14. Uricucu

    Drag coefficent of a person on a slide

    Hi! Does anyone know what drag coefficient has a person in a water slide? I've only found for full vertical/horizontal body, but not for a person in a water slide, considering it has a slope. Related to that, the cross area of a person can be calculated? Thanks.
  15. solarcat

    Water Slide Physics: Solving for Angular Momentum, Velocity, and Energy

    First I found the moment of inertia of the rod + rider to be I = (70 kg * 62 m2+ 1/3 * 24 kg * 62 m2)= 2808 Then I found initial angular momentum of the pole and rider just as the rider grabs the pole: L = Iw = 2808 v0/ 6 m = 468 v0 Then I found the final angular momentum of the pole and rider...
  16. ChemAir

    Misc. Specialty slide rule at the antique store

    It still has the guide cards for how to read it for different types of valves, etc... I found it in a small town store, outside Nashville, TN, USA, picked it up because I haven't seen one of these before. A little tedious to use, but, it is more capable than I would've thought. Thought...
  17. M

    How far does the block slide? (work, spring, incline)

    Homework Statement The system is released from rest with no slack in the cable and with the spring stretched 225 mm. Determine the distance s traveled by the 3.2-kg cart before it comes to rest (a) if m approaches zero and (b) if m = 2.5 kg. Assume no mechanical interference and no friction...
  18. P

    How the forces on a drop of water versus mercury on a glass slide influence the shape?

    I am trying to understand how fluids form particular shapes when put on a solid. In the two figures,what are we taking as a system for the forces? How the resultant of the forces influences the shape of the different fluids?
  19. N

    The use of plano convex lens in a slide projector

    Hello My question has two parts: 1) Why is plano convex lens used in slide projector? Why can't we use simple convex lens in it? 2) Why are two plano convex lenses used in slide projector? Why can't we use only one?Thanks!
  20. J

    Free fall and slide, gained speed?

    Homework Statement which one would be faster when reached the ground? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution conservation of energy Pe=Ke mgh=1/2mV^2 for 2-)m*g*cosa*(h/cosa)=1/2*m*V^2 -- V= sqrt(2*g*h) for 1-) V=sqrt(2*g*h) so V1=V2
  21. C

    I In the Casimir effect, can you slide plates unopposed by force?

    How would sliding the plates parallel to each other in order to separate them (they are prevented from contacting to avoid friction) require the same amount of energy as pulling them apart? You're not pushing against the force (the net force at the edges pulling it back is balanced by opposite...
  22. Spinnor

    Riding a motorcycle in a circle, power slide

    Say you (a skilled motorcycle racer) ride a motorcycle in a big empty parking lot and ride in a big circle of constant radius and slowly go faster and faster. If you are careful as you go faster will you all of a sudden go from very little power slide to a lot of power slide like the video...
  23. hellovenus

    Two blocks slide on an inclined plane

    Homework Statement Two blocks slide on an incline of angle \theta . Block 1 has mass m1 and coefficient of kinetic friction μ1 with the surface, block 2 has mass m2 and coefficient of kinetic friction μ2. The gravitational acceleration is g. In terms of these parameters, under what condition...
  24. R

    Slide generator/hookes law problem

    Homework Statement A stiff spring with a spring constant of 1200 N/m is connected to a bar on the slide generator as show in figure P32.40 Assume the bar has length l = 60 x10^-2 m and mass .75 kg, and it slides without friction. The bar connects to a U shaped wire to form a loop that has width...
  25. Alexanddros81

    A child slides down the helical water slide AB (Polar Coordinates)

    Homework Statement 13.43 A child slides down the helical water slide AB. The description of motion in cylindrical coordinates is ##R=4m##, ##θ=ω^2t^2## and ##z=h[1-(\frac {ω^2t^2} {π})]##, where h=3m and ω=0.75rad/s. Compute the magnitudes of the velocity vector and acceleration vector when...
  26. E

    Condition satisified when the body does not slide

    Homework Statement A sledge of mass m1 is pulled horizontally with a force F. On the sledge there is a body of mass m2 that can slide on the horizontal platform of the sledge with the friction coefficient μ. Another sledge of mass m3 is tied with a horizontal string of the body m2. Between the...
  27. G

    Efficiency of energy transformation on a slide

    Homework Statement Students used a speed gun to measure the final speed of slider at the bottom of the slide. They measure the height difference between the top and bottom of the slide to be 3.0 m. If the speed of a slider at the bottom of the slide is 5.0 m/s, what is the efficiency of the...
  28. A

    Penguin on a slide with friction: find the angle of the slide

    1.Question: A penguin is going down a slide. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the penguin and the slide has a value of 0.77. It takes three times as long to slide down this slide as it would if the slide were frictionless. Find the angle of the slide. 2. My answer: I chose solving it...
  29. D

    Time for Bead to Lose Contact: Solving for Friction and Tension Forces

    Homework Statement In the figure shown, friction force between the bead and the light string is ##\dfrac{mg}{4}##. Find the time in which the bead looses contact with the string after the system is released from rest. Homework Equations Weight of the bead ##(m_1)=mg## Friction acting on the...
  30. K

    Ball being hit starts to slide and roll

    Homework Statement [/B] A billiard ball of mass m and radius r is being hit and starts to slide on a surface with equivalent of friction μ. What is the friction force The distance to rolling only What is the energy loss in the sliding phase Homework Equations Kinetic energy of a solid body...
  31. C

    Help with basic forces problem

    Homework Statement A block is at rest on a ramp on a table with no friction between the surfaces. The ramp has an incline of 30 degrees. The mass of the block is 4kg, and the mass of the wedge is 6kg. What magnitude force can be applied to the opposite side of the ramp such that both the ramp...
  32. JiJiasd

    What distance does the block slide?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations m*v^2 / 2 and k*x^2 / 2 and 0,5*m*v^2 The Attempt at a Solution [/B] in task a I got correct answer there v = 20 m/s in task b I got wrong answer I got the distance = 0,76 m but I should be 32 m here is my answer : 0,5*m*(sin(30)*v) - mu * m*g*cos(30)...
  33. airoll

    [Diffraction] Can a glass slide magnify an object on it?

    I have the following optical setup, in which the goal is to record the diffraction pattern of a sample on an image detector some distance away. In this particular case, the sample is sitting on a standard microscope glass slide. Now, after recording the diffraction pattern, I numerically...
  34. T

    Does this cube slide or topple?

    I have attached a copy of the full question and my diagram which I thought was correct but it does not give me the correct answer. The answer for (i) is that it stays put and for (ii) that it topples. I do not get = 0 for any of them. I get some values... (i) -0.15 for slide, 0.346 for topple...
  35. J

    Calculate max acceleration such that A does not slide

    1. Homework Statement Homework Equations Friction ≤ μR The Attempt at a Solution :[/B] Ok so I need help for (ii) and this is what I did: I thought that in order for A not to slide, the net force on B ≤ Friction between the boxes 450a ≤ 0.2(200g) a≤0.89 however, when I tried this...
  36. heartshapedbox

    Minimum force to make box slide down slope

    Homework Statement If m=5.0kg, φ=30◦ and μs =0.87, what is the minimum force needed to make the box slide down the slope? [/B] Homework Equations force of status friction is less than or equal to the normal force multiplied by the coefficient of static friction F,normal=mgcosφ The image...
  37. jdawg

    Dynamics: Time taken for Block A to slide on Block B

    Homework Statement Find the time it takes for block A to slide 0.5m on block B. Mass A=10 kg Mass B=35 kg I included a screen shot from my online homework. Homework Equations FR=FNμkThe Attempt at a Solution For Block A: mAa=T-FRA-WAsin(30) T=10a+68.67 For Block B: FRC=(mAg+mBg)μBC FRA=mAgμAB...
  38. FruitNinja

    Time it takes for block to slide down an incline in elevator

    Homework Statement MECHANICS: Given Theta, L, M, and acceleration of elevator relative to ground. Find the time it takes for the block to reach the end of the incline. Here is a diagram: http://k-elahian.com/tmp/nip.PNG Homework Equations f=ma kinematics relative acceleration The Attempt...
  39. x2017

    At What Angle Will This Box Begin to Slide?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations ΣFx=max The Attempt at a Solution I drew a free body diagram for the box and set up the equation to solve for θ, but I'm not sure how to do it without μ
  40. needing

    Carburettor throttle slide material

    Hi. I am re-engineering a 40+ year old carburettor design. The current throttle slide has stress raiser flaws and is the same material as the mixing chamber that it slide interfaces with. The prototype slides were printed in ABS for fitment trials. The functional trials used Acetal allowing for...
  41. R

    Load rotating device - will it slide?

    Homework Statement I'm designing a device for changing a load position from vertical to horizontal. It has a wheeled frame (2) which allows an operator to transport the load after reorientation. The combined centre of gravity of a rotating platform (1) and the load moves forward due to...
  42. Nathanael

    Particle free to slide along a frictionless rotating curve

    Homework Statement A particle (of mass m) is free to move along a frictionless curve y(x) which is rotating about the y-axis at a constant angular speed ω. A uniform gravitational field (of strength g) acts along the negative y direction. Find the equation of motion of the particle. (That's...
  43. TheFerruccio

    Solve exp(x)=x^4 with a Slide Rule

    I would have replied to the older thread but it seems that is not possible, so I will have to post my question here. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/slide-rule.245855/ @BobG mentioned being able to solve a particular problem: exp(x)=x^4 really quickly using a slide rule. He emphasized...
  44. G

    Forces needed to slide up the plane

    Homework Statement Pco20- Wsin30-100(9.81)(cos20) –Fs = 0 Pcos20 - 1000x9.81xsin30 – 100x9.81xcos20 – 0.2 x ( Wcos20x9.81 + Psin20 ) = 0 Pcos20 – 4905-921.8-1700-0.07P=0 7526.8= 0.869P P= 8661N what's wrong with my working ? the ans given is P=7330N Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  45. G

    Impending motion vs start to slide

    Homework Statement what is the difference between the first and second question ? aren't they the same ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  46. King_Silver

    Girl on Slide: Solving for Normal Force, Energy Transfer, and Final Speed

    Homework Statement A girl whose weight is 294 N slides down a 6.5 m long playground slide that makes an angle of 20◦ with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the slide and the girl is 0.23. (a) What is the normal force of the slide acting on the girl? (b) How much energy...
  47. A

    Torque & Force required to slide a gate

    Greetings all, I am trying to build a sliding gate operator. I have this wiper motor which says, 24v dc, 64rpm, nominal torque- 4Nm. Max weight of gate to be 400kg, sliding on a steel rail (Not sure how to consider rolling resistance or Co-eff of friction) . Max pull force to be achieved by...
  48. S

    How far will a box slide with given initial velocity, friction, and mass?

    Homework Statement How far will a box slide if its initial velocity is 1.5 m/s, kinetic friction is 0.15 and the object is 30 kg Homework Equations a= (kinetic friction)(acceleration due to gravity) and V(final)^2 - V(initial)^2 = 2(a)(D) The Attempt at a Solution a= 0.15 x 9.81 m/s^2 =...
  49. R

    How does light slide sideways?

    The laser ranging of the moon doesn't make sense. The moon has a special mirror on it that doesn't reflect incoming light along the same angle as the angle of incidence only on the opposite side of the perpendicular, but instead reflects light back exactly on the same path as the light's...