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Career for human life span study

  1. Aug 15, 2014 #1
    This might sound crazy, but I want to study pronging human life span.

    I am thinking of majoring molecular nanotechnology so that I can use this major to construct an artificial enzyme(medical nanorobot) that lengthens telomere (I know this is not the only issue of aging and death).

    I am not sure if we can mechanically cure somatic cells completely, and the effect will be maximized with stem cell.

    Is there any recommendation for human life span study career path? Cell biology, Biochemistry, Nanotechnology these three are essentials of this study I guess.. but I am not really sure.
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    Business, finance, law, etc. will be good choices. The technology side of prolonging human life is challenging, but so is the business and legal side.
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    Career for human life span study.

    Not only that but there are moral issues. I mean who would decide who can get the treatment and who can't? Another human or set of humans who think they are somehow above the rest of it's measly humans? Often times I find that it's not a matter of if we can do something, but a matter of if we should do it. Also remember that this world and nature in general works on a cycle. If people are not dying then we run into over population issues and further stretching of resources. There's a reason why no living thing is immortal or why living things have a certain life span. With that said I would be happy to add a few years to my biological clock.
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    Studying the human lifespan and trying to extend it are two different fields. The first is demographics , the second a mix of health science , and public policy fields.

    You can do both , but most people pick one area or another.
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