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CC Problem Beyond the Standard Model

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    Which of the following do you prefer as possible solution to the cosmological constant problem or why QFT computes vacuum energy density that is 120 magnitude more than from observational data? Sometimes I think the metric (1.a) needs to change, but on other days I think QFT needs to change (2.a).. the CC problem would indeed be directly relevant to search for physics beyond the standard model.


    Schwinger’s source theory is that in the absence of matter and measurement settings, there are no quantum fields avoiding the 120 magnitude discrepancy, how many even consider this possibility?

    Can you add others not mentioned above?
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    In the Hierarchy Problem. It's related to mass too or why planck mass fluctuations don't make the higgs much heavier. In the Cosmological Constant problem, it is mass too coming from the quantum fluctuations that are 120 magnitude off to observations. They have in common mass from virtual fluctuations.. won't that give constrains to solutions to both? These are the most severe problems in physics today. What can you guys say about this.
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