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Database of theories beyond the standard model?

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    I am a programmer and physics fan. A speaker (Lawrence Krauss?) at https://origins.asu.edu/events/great-debate-parallel-realities-probing-fundamental-physics (not on youtube yet) said physics theories beyond the standard model are an under-determined problem. There are 7,000 theories that fit the available data. Is that just an estimated number or is there a database with all the theories? A web article said some theories have been ruled out by not finding unexpected particles yet at the Large Hadron Collider. Does the database of theories list queryable things like particle energy ranges, proton decay rate, etc. (for theories that can make predictions)?

    I found some links:

    Does every physics group only keep private notes on the theories they find most promising?
    Is there a way to tell a paper on arxiv.org has been obsoleted by experiment? Is there a way of avoiding a physics theory from being forgotten for a long time before making a comeback?
    Or is the problem too hard and the database is the whole internet?
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    No central database of Beyond Standard Model theories

    The speaker Brian Schmidt said there were 7000 theories for why the universe expansion is accelerating. That number refers to the number of papers which have been written that cite the Dark Energy discovery paper:
    The list of followup papers is here:

    There is no central database of Beyond Standard Model theories. Physicists keep up with theories by following arxiv.org

    The slides "The Zoo of BSM physics at the LHC" show some categories of theories

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