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Centrigugal force slingshot,the projectile is shot by the normal

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    Im sure that as a kid you have taken a long tube put a projectile inside, spin the tube and get the stone shot

    The odd thing with this is the projectile doesnt get shot by the tangent like a slingshot but keeps centrifugal force direction

    In my opinion this is an example of centrifugal force without centripetal one, this proves that centrifugal force is an actual force like the example proposed

    It comes to my mind for a propellor two very long counterotative tubes in which projectiles are shot starting at 3 and 9 oclock and once they go away during 180º get pulled to the initial position during the next 180º

    On this way centrifugal force would be pulling less during the going away of the projectiles during 180º and pulling more during the other 180º in which the projectiles are pulled to the initial position

    I hoped to have been clear not being native english speaker and hope to see interesing opinions in this odd tube slingshot in which the projectile doesnt get shot by the tanget as usual
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    What makes you sure of this?
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    I just tested it several times
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    How did you "just tested it several times"?

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    The path of a stone as it travels through a rotating tube is a spiral, so the stone has an sideways and outwards component of velocity as it's exits the tube, relative to the person's view that is holding the tube. However the stone's path is a straight path (ignoring gravity) once it leaves the tube, unless spin imparted by the tube causes the stone (or more likely a ball) to curve.
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