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Homework Help: Centripetal Force Lab

  1. Nov 8, 2005 #1
    Im doing a Centripetal force lab in which the problem is too find out the relationships between the centripetal force, and the frequency, speed, mass and radius of an objet.
    I just need some re-assurance in my answers.
    1.)What type of relationship exists between Centripetal force and frequency of rotation?
    The relationship the graph represents upon both Centripetal force and frequency of rotation is that the greater the centripetal force being applied in a specific amount of rotations, the higher amount of frequency it will have.
    2.)Choosing the proper curve of best fit for the centripetal force veresus frequency graph can be difficult because there is a lack of data points between 0 and 6 units of force. Having experimental data in this regime would have been of great use. Why did we not make any measurements in this low force regime?
    We did not make any measurements between the span of 0-6 force, because at the beginning of the experiment we did not have a high enough centripetal force to keep the circular motion constant and therefore a period/frequency could not have been reached during that amount of force. The string did not have enough stress on it to expand, in a tensile direction. The centripetal force that is needed to maintain that circular motion, is inversely proportional to the radius of the circle.
    3.)Further Anaylsis is required in order to verify that the proportionality statemnt you made in the previous question is in fact correct. Carry out this further analysis in an effor to verify your prediction, and state whether or not it supported your original conjecture.
    Now i need help in this question... any help would be appreciated.

    PS. Im thinking of drawing a graph, that shows that if the radius is doubled than the centripetal acceleration is halved.
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