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CFD analysis vs. internal ballistics

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    Apologies for the quick and dirty question, but I was wondering if a computational fluid dynamics analysis of the flow inside a rocket's combustion chamber and nozzle area would be regarded as an analysis of the chamber's/nozzle's internal ballistics. Looking up internal ballistics on wiki, it only gives a single line regarding rockets: "For rocket propelled projectiles, internal ballistics covers the period during which a rocket motor is providing thrust."

    Any help would be appreciated
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    Interior ballistics refers to the gas pressure driven transit of a projectile inside a barrel.
    Exterior ballistics is the non-powered external flight trajectory.

    There may be an inverted similarity between a rocket engine and a cartridge fired in a chamber.
    But how much do you want to confuse people by suggesting your rocket is inside a barrel?

    Do you believe everything you read on wikipedia?
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