Cheap and low power diesel engines

  1. what is the cheapest and low power diesel engine available at present? i am seeking 3 KW engine with of minimum weight available for my college project.
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    Diesel engines need a very exact fuel injector, to meter fuel to each cylinder for every combustion cycle.
    That is expensive, so there is no really cheap small diesel sold anywhere, afaik.
    There are portable multi fuel generators in service with the military, maybe you could find one from a surplus auction, but otherwise expect to see only bigger units. The smallest I've seen were whole house backup generators, around $10,000 for a 15 kw genset.
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    Here is a Subaru brand portable generator with 3300 watt output for about $3300.00

    There are several diesel engine manufacturers (e.g. Hatz, Yanmar, Perkins, Deutz, etc.) which make small output diesel engines. Of course, the price of a portable generator includes the generator itself. If you contact an engine dealer, you can probably get info and prices for the size unit to suit your needs.
  5. You can buy a 6hp diesel engine at amazoncom for about $500.
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