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Price for the cheapest diesel engine?

  1. Mar 5, 2016 #1
    What is the price per kilowatt or hp for the simplest, cheapest diesel engine, such as ones used for powering irrigation pumps? Say one of 1/2 MW or 1 MW.

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    In that power range, there are few "cheap" diesel engines. You might find some bargains on the second-hand market, but you'll have to do research with vendors who handle used engines.

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    I want this info to compare wind turbines with diesel engines. I'm not going to actually buy one! In what power range do one find the cheapest diesel engines? Is a propane engine cheaper? Or gas turbine?

    I e-mailed Scania and a 730 hp diesel engine that powers a truck costs 550,000 crowns=$65,000.

    However I suspect that a simple cheap engine that sits on the ground and pumps water or drives a electric generator costs 1/3 of that or less. Am I right?
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    The cost of a diesel engine as a prime mover is only a fraction of the cost of a diesel-generator set. The generator part takes some significant coin to purchase, even if second hand.

    The generator part of the typical wind turbine installation is also only a small part of the total price of the installation. The mast, the foundations, the blades, and the connections are all significant cost items.

    Even figures for the installation costs of wind turbines in the megawatt range provided by the industry show a significant price premium for the turbine over a conventional diesel-generator:


    The industry estimates that installations for wind turbines run between $1.3 million and $2.2 million per installed MW. There are a lot of idle wind turbines now, I understand, but they're not very portable. :frown:
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    Perhaps this helps...

    Dated Nov 2014
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