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Cheap vacation offers by phone?

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    I got a phone call from a http://www.discountworldvacations.com/" [Broken] offering me a cheap stay in Orlando/Bahamas/Mexico. $249/person sounds for 11+ days/nights in ocean front resorts/cruises sounds too good to be true. They say the only catches are that I have to attend a 90 minute sales presentation/tour while I'm there, and that there are only 50 packages available for my region. This was supposedly in response to a draw I entered at a recent trade show near here.

    I've heard lots of people assume that these things are a scam, but don't know anyone who's ever actually taken up a similar offer. Does anyone have first hand, or even second hand information on dealing with a company like this?
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    We've been on more than one. The 90 minute sales pitch used to be a minor annoyance. However, in recent years they have highjacked me for several hours of high pressure sales pitches and we have stopped going. What do you care if there really are 50 packages available for your region or not?
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    I don't, that's their hook to try to get me to agree right then and there, rather than taking time to think it over: "Get it before it's gone".
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