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Cheapest/best power supply for 7 different types of motors

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    Hello community,

    I am building a device for which I will be using five Stepper motors (each 5v, 3a) and one brushed DC motor whose speed has to be varied and operates between 12V and 48V (350Watts). Also I have a heater which runs at 12V, 40Watts. My question is: How will I best power these different types of electronics? Should I use 3 different power supplies with 5V,12V and 48V or should I use a dual power supply with 12V and 48V and use a voltage regulator for each 5V, 3A motor or is there a better way to go about this?

    Appreciate the help
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    I think you need 3 supplies in some form. Buying a huge 12V supply and regulating to 5V 15A (5 3A motors) is not a good plan.

    There are other possible ways, but they all involve building buck or boost switching converters which are A. Not trivial at your power levels, and B. not worthwhile for a one-off project.
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