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Chemical Engineering

  1. Oct 31, 2007 #1


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    Hey. There are currently two degrees i am strongly considering taking next year, and chemical engineering is one of them. Reasons for my choice:
    • I love maths
    • I like chemistry
    • Physics is alright =P
    • The income is decent

    Now, if i did go for this, id make it a double degree and also do a BSc majoring in pure (maybe applied) math. Would this be a good choice; would it benefit my engineering career?

    My second question: would it be beneficial to go further than just a bachelors degree, and go for Masters, or even a phD? Is further study usually for those looking to go into academia/research, or will it help my career?

    All input is greatly appreciated,
    Thanks in advance,
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    My aunt is a chemical engineer and works for the DoD. Her degree was in Electrical Engineering and ended up as a chemical engineer. They later paid for her to get her masters in Chemical Engineering.

    So thats always an option is to wait for a company to pay for you if you plan on joining a bigger company.
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    Ah ok. What about the pure math, anyone know if that would be beneficial? Is the math covered in the BEng degree sufficient, or is it a case of "the more math the better"?
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