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Chemical, material, or electrical engineering?

  1. Mar 20, 2012 #1
    hey guys I'm currently a first year engineering student and am at the point in my undergrad where I need to choose which engineering field i would like to go to. I've narrowed my choices to electrical engineering, material engineering, and chemical engineering. Could you please point of the pros and cons of each profession, as well as the job opportunity involved and salary. I want to work in a city like Vancouver not having to move out very far. Concerning course matter im fine with all of them. I'm just stuck at the crossroads of which one to choose?
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    Electrical has highest salary.

    Materials is glorious.

    Chemical is dirty.
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    Source? This is entirely contrary to some statistics I have seen.
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    You also need to consider where you want to work. Some cities and regions may have more industries that relate to, say, electrical. Some may have a lot of jobs in materials. For example, say you studied naval architecture. There would probably be more jobs available to you on the coast, like, say, Rhode Island, than in the middle of Kansas. I suggest going to a site like Monster.com and looking at jobs in your different fields of interest. How many electrical jobs are available in your location? How many chemical? What are the salaries? Don't just rely on general statistics.
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    False. Leave it at that, otherwise I'd be feeding the troll.

    If you are thinking about ChemE, there are the Alberta oil sands. For the other majors, I don't believe there is a large demand specifically in Vancouver.
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