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Chemical or Electrical engineering

  1. Feb 17, 2016 #1
    hi guys, i am in a bad situation and i need some tips :( i attend the first year of chemical engineering, but i have doubts about my choice... My university gives me the way to change my course in electrical engineering, and i am thinking to change. I'm not sure that chemical engineering is a good degree in this period, i have read about too much chemical engineers who are finding hard to get hired, chemistry today is weak and also chemical companies. So, how is electrical engineering in the job market in this period? Should i have more chance with Chemical or Electrical engineering about finding a job?
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    I believe the job prospects for both are about the same.
    Where I am most chemical engineers work as process engineers in Oil and Gas. So they are having a really hard time lately. But that being said a lot of electrical, mechanical and any other type engineers are having a hard time as well.

    For you however you're 4 years away from graduating so its hard to tell what will or will not be in demand.
    Take what you think you'll enjoy more. Take COOP if your school offers it (most of the people I graduated with got jobs either with companies they did coops with)
    And don't be afraid to move where the jobs are. The people I know who are still looking for a job (over a year now) have only been looking near to where they lived originally which is fine, except there are no engineering jobs there.

    Hope that helps

    oh and PS Fun fact there are only 2 types of engineers. Electrical and those who weren't smart enough to be electrical :D
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