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Chemical that reacts with glass and cools

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    Hi, I'm far from a chemist / engineer but am looking for something that will react with glass and cool to around 40 deg F. Any ideas?
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    What do you mean by react with glass? What are you trying to achieve? You can, for instance, make conductive glass by heating a piece with tin (II) chloride, among other things.
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    I think what he means is a substance that will react with the glass lattice and change it's composition , with a positive enthalpy, decreasing temp. If not idk what op is looking for.
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    Sounds about right Shinaolord
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    I'm a physics major, so i'm no expert and don't know of anything that would cause the desired effect.
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    What kind of glass? Any glass? Because glass is either a transparent thing you see in your window (in which case I doubt substance you are looking for exists), or any other amorphous solid that exhibits a glass transition - so there are plenty of other materials that are technically glasses, I am sure some of them will fit conditions you described above (whatever they really are).
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    I believe he means silicon based glass.
    Good catch though.
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