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Are there any interactions from mixing these chemicals?

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    So I recently got a new job, and when I was being instructed on how to close my department, I noticed that they used quite a bit of chemicals on the same surface (it's a salad bar). I was wondering if any of these chemicals could interact, and if so, what the products would be.
    First, the glass is cleaned with Windex on both the surface and underneath the glass, and directly beneath that is sprayed with granite cleaner. Due to the close proximity, it's very easy to mix them.
    Eventually, the granite and metal surface beside it is wiped down with what I was told is "food grade sanitizer." This happens pretty much every 15 minutes or so for a few hours, and then the granite cleaner is used and the Windex.

    Is this safe to do, or are there any possible reactions from using these chemicals together like this?

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    "Windex?" Ammonia formulation? Or, vinegar? "Food grade sanitizer?" Peroxide? Alcohol? Hypochlorite? "Granite cleaner?" You're going to have to read the labels --- and communicate. Odds are --- "No."
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    I believe Bystander intended to answer the first question "Is it safe"

    Post the MSDS or SDS for each product. That may give an indication of the safety of mixing them. Generally you don't want to mix them unless the manufacturer specifically recommends it regardless of what is assumed from the ingredients.

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