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Chipset / Compatible Processor Question

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    Hi guys,

    I am looking to upgrade my desktop, which is now about 4 years old. It's a Dell XPS 410. Since I've gotten it, I've bumped the RAM to 3 GB, and upgraded the video card to an ATI 4850. Currently, the processor is only a E6300 (@1.86 GHz).

    Now, I've taken a job where I need to move away from everyone I know, so I plan on doing some gaming on this. It seems as though everything nowadays recommends at least 2.0 GHz processor, and running some benchmarks, I've gotten some low scores.

    Now, my chipset is a P965 LG 775, and I've looked up a so-called compatible list at:

    In this list, it seems the "best" CPU I can pick up would be an E6700. Newegg seems to carry an E6700, but it lists it as a Pentium series, not a Core 2 Duo. If I just search Google, I get a Newegg hit at this page to a discontinued item:

    Which has the same 4 MB L2 cache as described in the list, while the "Pentium" series E6700 which they have in stock is only 2 MB L2 cache.

    Aside from the E6700 disparities, would it be unwise to choose a newer E series? I was kind of eying an E7500 or an E8400. Is it possible that the list is simply out-of-date?

    Any hints/tips?

    p.s. Yes, I know had I built this system, I'd have more options, but I did really get a great deal on it.
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    After some research, that chipset can only take a 6700, E or Q series, maximum. Nothing more. This topic can be closed.
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