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Chloramine from water preventing health recovery, how to help myself?

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    Hi All

    I have a chronic illness and have realised that drinking tap water flares up my symptoms. When I have bottled spring or chloromine/chlorine free water it doesnt happen. I know you will say see a doctor, my doctors only response was 'I can't change your water supply' and its a practical problem which I have to solve.

    Now I am drinking bottled water so thats the drinking solved. However after a shower or if i am cleaning e.g. using flash(contains chlorine) to clean surfaces my symptoms flare up. I am guessing i am inhaleing or rubbing chlorine into my body. You may suggest tp get water filters but there are apparently none which remove chloromine properly although they claim to .

    Anyway please kindly answer the following so i can make changes in my lifestyle to avoid chlorine/chloromine as much as possible.

    1)When I use flash spray for cleaning i can smell it heavily. How on earth does it get into my body if it doesn't give off vapours and i havn't touched it, just smelt it?
    2)If you take a cold shower does water vapour form? will enough form to be inhaled or breathed into the body?
    3)If you inhale or breath water vapour does it travel to the stomach ib both cases or one, if one which is it nose or mouth?
    4)If you rinse your head in cold water for 2 minutes will enough vapour form that it will go into the body?
    4)If you shower in a small bathroom with windows for 20 mins, after you finish how long before the vapour disappears? i.e. when is it safe to enter after someone has used it if i want to avoid vapours
    5)Does the body absorb chlorine when in a shower via the skin, will it go to the inner or outer layers of the stomach?

    If I can get away from chlorine/chloraminated water for a couple of months i reckon my illness will start to heal. Any other ideas on what i might do. Showering in bottle water is impractical and i thought of going to another country where they use natural water for drink etc but i don't know where to go. Somewhere that cheap and i can live a clean natural chemical free life?

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    1. Water evaporates, so you'll always be breathing some water vapor when you're around water (even if you're not, there is always water vapor in the air).
    2. Anything you can smell is obviously in the air.
    3. We don't give medical diagnosis here, so we can't comment on whether you have any reason to be concerned about the level of chlorine in your water. Consult your doctor.

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    One may have developed a chemical sensitivity to chlorine or chloramine. Unfortunately, most municipal water supplies are chlorinated to mitigate coliform and other bacteria. Filtering with activated charcoal should help, but might not be 100%.

    Basically one would need to have a private well, which is typical in rural areas.

    As previously mentioned, we cannot provide a diagnosis or prognosis. One must discuss one's health care with a doctor.
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