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Chrome + NVidia intermittent BSOD with physics forums

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    When browsing physics forums using Chrome with Windows XP on an NVidia video card, I occasionally get a blue screen of death. I don't recall this every happening with an AMD video card. With the NVidia video card, it only happens when I'm using Chrome and browsing physics forums. I've never seen a BSOD when browsing other forums or any other web site, or if using Internet Explorer with physics forums. So it's the combination of Windows XP, NVidia video card (GeForce 780 Ti, 353.62 or 355.60 driver), and physics forums that occasionally results in BSOD.

    I do get other occasional errors with Chrome and physics forums, such as no text display when trying to compose a post. Using Internet Explorer sometimes gets the same no text error, or it keeps jumping to the end of the web page instead of the end of a post when I'm trying to compose a post.

    With Chrome, "watch thread" doesn't work, but it does work with Internet Explorer.

    My system is multi-boot, Win XP Pro (32 bit), Win XP Pro X64 (64 bit), and Win 7 Pro (64 bit), but currently, I do most of my browsing with Win XP.
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    I've never had a crash when using Chrome with facebook or youtube, only physics forums, and even in that case, it's intermittent.
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