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Health physics, also referred to as the science of radiation protection, is the profession devoted to protecting people and their environment from potential radiation hazards, while making it possible to enjoy the beneficial uses of radiation. Health physicists normally require a four-year bachelor’s degree and qualifying experience that demonstrates a professional knowledge of the theory and application of radiation protection principles and closely related sciences. Health physicists principally work at facilities where radionuclides or other sources of ionizing radiation (such as X-ray generators) are used or produced; these include research, industry, education, medical facilities, nuclear power, military, environmental protection, enforcement of government regulations, and decontamination and decommissioning—the combination of education and experience for health physicists depends on the specific field in which the health physicist is engaged.

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  1. P

    Feature request: Filter "New posts" feeds by forums

    I still find that the lists "What's new", "New posts", "Hot threads" and so on, are ineffective feeds. There are many posts that are published a day and it is easy to miss the post that might be interesting. I would be great if we could filter the list by forum (quantum physics, classical...
  2. P

    Suggestion Why is there no 'history of physics' forum?

    I think a specific forum for history of physics and mathematics here would be fun. It could also help some users understand the origin or the motivation of whatever topic they are studying. There is a forum for for art, music, history and others, but it seems focused on discussing many things...
  3. V

    Bug Cannot pull up all the posts that I have made

    I am trying to see all the posts that I have started, but it seems there is no link anywhere that says My posts. Could someone please let me know how I can pull up a list of all my posts? I need to do this because I want to make sure that I am not duplicating an older post.
  4. kyphysics

    Physics Forums Chess Club/Thread

    Are any members interested in a chess club/thread? It could involve both play and intellectual/"nerdy" chat and analysis.
  5. A

    Other Books by Physics Forums Members

    Hi everyone! First of all I want to congratulate @Orodruin for his book publication! I myself thought that maybe someday, I would like to write a book. So I became a little bit curious about other titles that may have been written by Physicsforum members. I hear Benjamin Crowell is also a member...
  6. topolosaurus

    LaTeX \newcommand on Physics Forum post

    Hello, this is my first question on Physics Forums and is a question on how to ask questions. I have been using LaTex for a while already. I wanted to post a thread about classical field theory. I tried to use \newcommand just to make easier the typing of expressions such as...
  7. Ibix

    Nailing the Physics Forums: Relativity, QM & BTSM

    I think he's pretty much nailed the relativity, QM and BTSM forums: https://xkcd.com/1861/ or https://m.xkcd.com/1861/ for mobile users.
  8. S

    Schools Is ASU's Online BSEE Program a Good Option for a Traveling Engineer Like Shane?

    Hey everyone, new to Physics Forums and happy I've found it. To start, my name is Shane, I currently work for Applied Materials. We engineer, maintain, and support tools in the semiconductor industry. I'm 21 years old, and currently on the Global team. Meaning, I travel 90% of the time...
  9. Philip Robotic

    B Welcome to Physics Forums: Exploring Orbital Mechanics & Gravity

    Hi everyone! I'm really sorry if I'm using the wrong forum. It's my first time at PF. I'm pretty new to physics, as I began studying it just two years ago, but I'm really interested in the subject of astrophysics so I bought myself and started reading 'Introduction to rocket science and...
  10. rcgldr

    Chrome + NVidia intermittent BSOD with physics forums

    When browsing physics forums using Chrome with Windows XP on an NVidia video card, I occasionally get a blue screen of death. I don't recall this every happening with an AMD video card. With the NVidia video card, it only happens when I'm using Chrome and browsing physics forums. I've never seen...
  11. ZapperZ

    Insights The Most Important Thing You Can Learn from Physics Forums - Comments

    ZapperZ submitted a new PF Insights post The Most Important Thing You Can Learn from Physics Forums Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  12. dlgoff

    How Do Uniforms Affect Organisms in Physics?

    Background image compliments of Teacher Juanfran
  13. T

    What is the required torque for a spinning flywheel?

    Hello, I would like to know the amount of torque required when the flywheel starts? I know that once at speed the flywheel doesn't require torque. I would also like to know what size of slip ring induction motor to run as the below mentioned speed. The weight of the flywheel is= 6500 kg ( wt...
  14. T

    What is the best subforum to post a data modeling question?

    I have a question about data modeling and statistical methods. Which subforum of PhysicsForums would be most appropriate to ask such a question?
  15. C

    Hi everyone, this is Collen, completed Btech (Mechanical Engineering).

    I believe i will enjoy being part of this forum with positivelly contribution and to broden my knowlge. Thanks
  16. E

    Solving Box Pulling Problem: Accelerating Comics to Stuart's Store

    Homework Statement Sheldon moves a box of comic books to stuarts comic book store by attaching a rope to the box and pulling with a force of 90 N at an angle of 30. The box of comic books has a mass of 20 kg and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the bottom of the box and the sidewalk...
  17. dwn

    Calculating Energy Transfer in an Inductor Circuit

    Homework Statement A coil with an inductance of 2.0 H and a resistance of 10 ohm is suddenly connected to an ideal battery with E = 100 V. At 0.10 s after the connection is made, what is the rate at which: (a) energy is being stored in the magnetic field, ans: 2.4*102 (b) thermal energy...
  18. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Physics Forums Crackpot Index - Comments

    This is primarily for fun, but given our experiences here at PF, it could be an excellent crackpot detector tool! Next time you read a post that sounds a bit off, refer to this index. It was compiled by PF staff and science advisors. The higher the point value, the greater the chance it's...
  19. anorlunda

    Reconciling APOD BH Videos w/ Physics Forums Discussion

    Recently, APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) posted two computer generated videos. They are Orbiting a Black Hole and Circling a Black Hole at its Photon Sphere. APOD says that the videos are scientifically accurate. But here on PF (Physics Forums) many attempts by myself and other...
  20. C

    What is the Fascination with Physics Beyond the Standard Model?

    Hi. I didn't know where were to introduce myself so I thought I'd post it in General Discussions. I'm 19 years old, studying Business Management. But early 2012, I got hooked with physics and I've been reading articles, books, listening to lectures and watching documentaries whenever I get...
  21. AJKing

    What Movie Will We Watch for Physics Forums Movie Night?

    Physics Forums Movie "Night"! Hey everyone! Evo gave me an idea; Selecting a movie, as a group, for all of us to watch during a given week and then dissolving/discussing/commenting on it until the topic's dry. A variable movie club! It might be fun to do once a month or so. If...
  22. D

    Who Is DocHoliday, the New Physics Forums Member?

    Hi my names DocHoliday. I see how many very insightful and well written pieces you guys have had on numerous problems and thus have decided to join the forums. A Large Thanks to the whole community is in order as you have helped me through a few things without me even being a member! I'm...
  23. Norman

    Physics Forums getting some love at MSN

    Physics Forums was mentioned in the article about the German students attempts to find a closed form solution to the air resistance problem. I am not sure if Alan Boyle is a member around here since I have been MIA for a very long time on PF. Check it out...
  24. lonewolf219

    Who are the people of physics forums

    Hey, I am new to physics forums with, as you can see, a small number of posts. But I have read a lot more on these pages than this number conveys. I am wondering if a lot of you guys are professors? You all seem like you have PhD's in physics, and I am really blown away by how much you guys...
  25. Loren Booda

    Do you use Physics Forums in business?

    Have you ever referred to Physics Forums to help in your professional capacity?
  26. micromass

    Physics Forums Quiz - And the winner is... I like Serena!

    Sunday is quiz! Announcing the Physics Forums Quiz Sunday October 16th 2011 20:00 GMT or 15:00 CST or 22:00 Brussels time This coming Sunday will see another Physics Forums Quiz during Sunday's chat session. The quiz is just for fun and all are welcome! The quiz will take...
  27. W

    Youtube anger against Physics Forums mods.

    A video I found where an amateur physicist is pretty angry at some moderator. Just wondering if the mods have seen it.
  28. Simfish

    Has anyone ever mentioned Physics Forums on a personal statement?

    Yes, I know it's a *silly* idea. But I'm just curious ;)
  29. A

    New to Physics Forums? Struggling with Laplace?

    hi everyone, I am new to physics forums and am struggling with Laplace. I have been given 3 problems: a) sint-tcost -> find the laplace transform of the fiven function without using table b) 3/ s2(s2-a) -> Find the inverse laplace transform of the given function c) Ln (1 + sinx) ->...
  30. D

    Best of Physics Forums : If I were to advice my students to use Physics Forums

    I know there's already a thread named "Best of Physics Forums General Discussion." this is different. I am going to be teaching a class of 40 from next week for a month and I wanted to give them some reason to stop being lazy and use the net for good returns. Below I have listed some good...
  31. Loren Booda

    How well does Physics Forums rate among its competitors?

    Against general, scientific or physics discussion groups, is there an objective measure of PF's success?
  32. C

    Does a Collision in Space Affect a Spaceship's Center of Mass Motion?

    An object of mass m collides with a spaceship of mass M that is freely floating in intergalactic space. The mass was moving with a speed of v relative to the spacecraft and after the collision it sticks to the spaceship. Estimate the probability that the collision won't affect the...
  33. P

    Physics Forums ratings killed every new year

    http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/physicsforums.com Look at those drops! Apparently everyone is too busy popping champagne bottles open on the new year to help kids figure out projectile motion. I bet the trend will happen again in 2010! :eek: What will we do!? Who will explain to the Calculus I...
  34. R

    Is the Physics Forums Logo Really Distorted?

    "Physics Forums" Logo...distorted? Now I love it, its simple, direct and goes nice with the style of the forum. But there is one thing bugging me about it: Or is it just me?
  35. C

    Physics Forums in the multiverse

    When we discuss some topic here with other posters, you have limited information about them. You often don't know their real name, their age etc. etc. According to the MWI, this then means that the other people you are talking to exist as a superposition of all possible real persons. E.g...
  36. Wellesley

    How Physics Forums looked back in 2001

    Pretty neat website I stumbled across: http://web.archive.org/web/*/physicsforums.com There aren't too many pages in their archives for 2001, but there's enough. Any thoughts from those who were members?
  37. Loren Booda

    Greatest scientific contribution on Physics Forums?

    Up to the present, what concept formulated here on Physics Forums do you consider the most outstanding?
  38. H

    Discover the Versatility of Physics Forums TeX Editor - Try It Now!

    Hi, is it possible to use the TeX Editor external? A link which leads to the TeX Editor? Thanks greetings
  39. D

    Help Calculating Parallax Error - Physics Forums

    Sorry didn't see this forum. I need some help with calculating simple theoretical parallax error: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=257036
  40. 2

    Solve (-1/2)^x=1/4 with TI-Titanium Calculator

    Dear PF, Your last help to my tech support was very helpful and i thank you all for it :). however since i am new to my TI-Titanum, i unfortunalty have another stupid question. i was using the "slove(" function. and i inserted into the home screen (exactly what i typed in)...
  41. OmCheeto

    The internet, Physics Forums, and Dr. Neutrino

    How many people remember the days of the birth of the www? I cut my teeth on Dr. Neutrino back in '96. It's only been 12 years, but seems like a lifetime.
  42. WolfOfTheSteps

    LaTeX What's wrong with LaTeX on Physics Forums?

    I can't get LaTeX to newline on these forums. The following code produces the LaTeX output shown below: This\ is\ the\ first\ line \\ This\ is\ the\ second\ line \\ This\ is\ the\ first\ line \\ This\ is\ the\ second\ line \\ Isn't "\\" the newline command? Why isn't it working?
  43. S

    Why Is Physics Forums a Hotbed of Controversy and Passion?

    Make your own radom eassy of any topic: http://radioworldwide.gospelcom.net/essaygenerator/
  44. wolram

    What Is the Motto of Physics Forums?

    What is physics forums motto?
  45. S

    I made a homepage just for physics forums users

    I made a homepage just for physics forums users. I'll probably add a news "block" soon too. With Physics Forums link: http://physicsforums.technobound.com/ Without: http://www.technobound.com/ I can make custom pages if you want one for your website too :) just throw me an email...
  46. R

    History Physics Forums: History, Founder & Ownership

    Who created Physics Forums? Who is its founder? Does anybody owns it?
  47. N

    Setting Up the Physics Forums IRC Channel

    It seems to me PF is well-attended enough to get its own IRC channel. Not that that is much work, of course, but still. Maybe this is a rather nice idea, since some threads start looking like a chat already.. Of course, I can't start an official PF Irc channel on my own, since I am rather...
  48. zoobyshoe

    Penguin Pauses for Laughter: Humor in Physics Forums

    ...when a young penguin type fellow could start a thread like this: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=103616 and almost all of the people here would instantly understand it was humorous. In fact, they would pitch in and add to the humor, extending it and developing it, all...
  49. DaTario

    Collective Attention Colapses in Physics Forums

    A question regarding a somewhat complex physical system: us. The staff of professionals in Physics Forums may be noting interesting behavior concerning the time evolution of the number of visits a certain thread have. The numbers of views in general fall into very distinguishable classes...
  50. zoobyshoe

    What's the inside scoop on the upcoming Physics Forums movie?

    Here's the inside scoop on the backroom wheeling and dealing going on as we speak concerning Robert Altman's upcoming project, Physics Forums: For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has seen Contact, Ivan Seeking will be played by Jodie Foster. The lovely, mischievous Math Is Hard...