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Circuit for Magnetic fluctuation test

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    I'm doing more experiments with magnets and I'm making a setup to see if current can be induced in a coil by mechanically strengthening and weakening the pole of a permanent magnet. I can do this very simply by manually rotating a spinning disk with magnets on it close to the fixed magnet assembly (see attachment). The power that is induced in the coil I want to store in a capacitor and then test the circuit by running a small DC motor (also see attachment) from the cap while I am creating power with the magnet setup.

    I am wondering how I need to wire the coil, capacitor, and motor so that I can both charge the cap, and draw power from it at the same time. I'm guessing that I will need a rectifier to run DC into the capacitor but I'm not sure how to safely discharge it into my little motor without burning it up; likewise, I'm not sure how to both charge the cap and run the motor at the same time. Can this be done?

    Jason O

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