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Homework Help: Circuit that converts a triangular wave potential waveform

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    I have to propose a circuit that converts a triangular wave potential waveform to a square wave potential waveform, that has a T=10ms and Umax= +4V (the triangular curve has the same T and Umax)
    We have a capacitor of 4micro Farad and 3 resistance (1kΩ ; 250Ω ; 500Ω) andyou should use only one resistance.

    So, I know it's this one: (attached)
    But I have to find what resistance to use.

    [tex]\ V_{exit}= \frac {4RCV_{max}}{T}[/tex]
    I need that [tex]\ V_{exit}[/tex] (that I don't have) to solve for the R !!
    Any help please ?!

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    Never mind... got the answer :)
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