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Civil Engineering Personal Projects

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    So here is the deal. I went to a meeting on Industrial Experience job placement for engineering students where it's kind of like a co-op, they help you find internships in your field for summer work.

    Anyways I know there is no way I can get in this year because one of the requirements was personal projects related to your field (Civil Engineering for me). I realized I have no personal projects related to my field! Then I thought about it and realized, what kind of personal projects does a civil engineering student have?

    So I came here to ask. What would you recommend for me to pursue as a personal project? I really want to get in to this program next year so starting now is good. I was thinking about maybe learning how to program but that doesn't really relate to civil engineering. I need something that I can do in the heart of a thriving downtown and that doesn't break my bank.

    All suggestions greatly appreciated!
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    Design/Build a shed
    Study the efficiency of leach fields with different mediums.

    Honestly the best experience for most civil engineers is construction work / highway dept. work / etc. Is it really a requirement? You should ask what some of the other applicants are listing as "personal projects"
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    Yes it is a requirement the presenter even said they wouldn't even consider applicants without a personal project.

    I like the shed idea but unfortunately I live in a small apartment so this would be impossible, maybe this summer when I go home that would work. I'll check out your other ideas. Thanks!

    Also I did email the presenter with that very question but no reply yet.

    Edit: I guess I could design the shed though, I'll look in to that too.
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    You are going (hopefully) to become a civil engineer.

    Many civil engineers have some aspect of earth science as their (lifelong) hobby

    Something related to this would make a good personal project.

    Eg Find out about the type and nature of soils local to your neighbourhood.

    What is their bearing capacity
    Where is the local water table
    What happens if you dig a hole - does it require side support -at what depth does it begin to fill with water and so on.

    go well
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    oooh, yea that's a good one too, Studiot. Soils are huge.
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