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A project (or program) is any undertaking, carried out individually or collaboratively and possibly involving research or design, that is carefully planned (usually by a project team, but sometimes by a project manager or by a project planner) to achieve a particular aim.An alternative view sees a project managerially as a sequence of events: a "set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations".A project may be a temporary (rather than permanent) social system (work system), possibly staffed by teams (within or across organizations) to accomplish particular tasks under time constraints.A project may form a part of wider programme management
or function as an ad hoc system.Note that open-source software "projects" or artists' musical "projects" (for example) may lack defined team-membership, precise planning and/or time-limited durations.

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  1. MatinSAR

    Recommendation for project related to thermodynamics

    TL;DR Summary: I'm currently studying physics (undergrad level). I want to find a project related to thermodynamics to present it to my professor. I am reading this book: Heat and Thermodynamics: An Intermediate Textbook by Mark Zemansky and Richard Dittman...
  2. N

    Mechanical Engineering projects

    Hi Everyone, My name is Neeraj Kirola. I am a final-year student of Engineering. I need suggestions regarding mechanical engineering projects; I found many Websites on the Internet like this, but I need many more projects. Can anyone Suggest more? 🙏 Thanks In Advance.
  3. person123

    Engineering Pursuing Research in Engineering Versus Hobby Projects

    Background: I'm a just graduated Masters student in Civil Engineering, and I'll soon be working in industry. I've done research in Civil in college, and I've also done a few hobby projects, mainly coding, and often related to physics and/or engineering. I've really enjoyed hobby projects since...
  4. DannyLouis888

    Physics Apply for a post doc with different topics from my PhD projects?

    Hi everyone! How can I apply for a post-doc that is in a different field from my current PhD topic? I.e. I would like to make a transition. However, I need to learn how to say and justify that I am competent in the fields I have rarely touched. In addition, I have yet to publish at the moment...
  5. F

    Calculators Repositories of Quantum Computing projects?

    Hello. I need to code a project (solution of a typical problem or approaches to new one) of quantum computation and I want to study any solved project in order to understand the algorithms and how to run the script in a real quantum computer or simulator. Where can I found some repositories of...
  6. Saba_467

    Chemistry projects that I can create at home

    There is no laboratory in my school ,looking for best chemistry project ideas for the 12th class students at minimal cost and that can be prepared at home . need suggestions on this,response would be appreciated
  7. electronic engineer

    What Are the Best Ways to Engage in Real-Life Electronics Projects in Europe?

    Hello, I'm just open to new ideas about Electronics. For some reason or another, I loved this community. I want to participate in discussions about Electronics but I want something constructive, new ideas. I'm located in Europe so it would also nice to meet with other members here and share...
  8. icesalmon

    Engineering Projects to showcase capabilities for job application / interview

    I'm in the process of applying for jobs as a recent graduate( December 2020 ) and was curious what types of projects I could work on by myself to showcase my capabilities in Power Distribution Engineering (simulations, design work etc.). I was thinking I could build a presentation around it...
  9. A

    Query about my Computer Science Project -- VPN Design

    Hello Everyone, I am a final year B.tech student and I am looking for some latest computer science projects for my major project. I am shortlisted one project which is Virtual Private Network, The objective is project demands creating an application that allows users to convert their public...
  10. theycallmevirgo

    Choosing supplies for small electrodeposition projects

    I want to copperplate some pieces from my 3d printer. I know I need conductive paint and a bath in addition to the copper source and the PSU. There are many options on Amazon, and obviously I can make my own bath. Right now I'm prioritizing time over cost, the project is a little time sensitive...
  11. NTL2009

    Electronics Switches, Pots, Displays for DIY projects - Some ideas, some questions

    Many times, we might have a great idea for a DIY project/mod, but getting an interface panel together with any needed Switches, Pots, Displays, and getting them in a case can be a pain. Right now, I'm thinking about a project/mod I'd like to share with a hobby community, but many of these people...
  12. H

    Engineering Projects and live experience

    Hey, I hope everyone is doing well. Let's self-quarantine and protect our world from this pandemic. As we have lots of spare time, I just thought of sharing some latest experience I had. I'm doing my master's in Petrochemical engineering. Last month I just visited a company that provides forged...
  13. ersa17

    Computational projects in Accelerator Physics

    Hello. I am not sure if this question is relevant to be asked here but anyway please help me if possible. I have just completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Physics and I am interested to pursue my MS in accelerator physics. Since I haven't taken any course in accelerator physics, atomic...
  14. A

    Projects for Classic Charge Distributions

    In my most recent post, I tried to investigate the V(r) verses “r” for several charge distributions on conductive paper. The discussion there made me realize that the common conductive paper activity is not suitable for doing that. Nevertheless, I am interested in doing projects where I can find...
  15. H

    What voltage/current/power meter do you use in your (hobby) projects?

    Hi! I am looking for some volt, amp, watt meter ideas. If I google "ac peak voltage for 230v" then it says: "The UK mains supply is 230V AC, this means 230V RMS so the peak voltage of the mains is about 320V". Does this mean that voltmeter that is rated for 80-300V AC will burn down when...
  16. L

    Intermediary projects in Python (Biophysics)

    Hello, I am an Undergraduate student looking for ideas for a project in Python. The project should contain a library filled with modules, classes (and preferably something with inheritance), and the unittest module. I would like to do something as follows: First, some kind ob WebScraping to...
  17. Stephenk53

    Misc. DIY Project Ideas for Beginners - Elementary Education Focus

    I am pretty new to diy engineering and my main focus is to build things that are either useful (ie the multitool I am working on) or useful for a demonstration. I am currently studying Elementary education and thus I am inexperienced in engineering and I was wondering if you guys have any ideas...
  18. Arman777

    I Exploring the Cosmos through Coding to Cosmology Projects

    For Project I need to find something related to the Cosmology and Coding (combined) any ideas ? Btw it should not be so simple such as Ned's Cosmology calculator.
  19. M

    How Can Innovative Wheelchairs and Mobility Solutions Meet Client Needs?

    Engineers Students Doctors ... i would like to discuss some ideas in my projects .. and also can you tell me how do I know what clients need and want? the first project is about a wheelchair i just added on it a rod when you push it it will create a circular motion to the wheel so he needs...
  20. astroman707

    Studying What's the best way to apply the concepts learned in physics 2?

    I'm finishing up physics 2(intro E&M) at my college, and I'd like to apply the concepts I learned in it over the summer. I was considering working through an electronics book, or building a radio, etc. What kind of projects or books do you recommend to cement some of the topics I learned in a...
  21. gleem

    Electronics Learning Resources and Software for DIY Projects

    For those who might need a relatively simple electronic device for a project like relay control, frequency to voltage converters, voltage to current and current to voltage converter, small signal amplifiers, signal averaging and many others using cheap op-amps, I recommend "How to Build and...
  22. T

    Schools Physics Project Ideas for High School Student

    For the final project I do at a high school level, we are required to construct an experiment regarding any topic of physics. The experiment should yield quantitative data which can then be analysed through equations or trends. Essentially, I need to be able to discuss and critique the work...
  23. T

    Best Open source projects to contribute to?

    Hi, I'm looking for open source projects to contribute to to build my resume and computer programming portfolio to hopefully land a computer-related job. What are good open source projects that I can contribute to?
  24. Robin04

    Studying Managing individual research projects, how to self study

    I’m starting my undergraduate physics degree next semester but I really like to study different fields on my own without any external motivation or obligation related to school. As I want to be a theoretical physicist I think this is something that I really have to be good at, because I imagine...
  25. Kiwaho Kilowatthour

    Profit margin for Solar Chimney projects and land power density?

    It is said that the Madrid Spain solar chimney project occupies 110 acres land, but only output humble 50 kw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_updraft_tower The fact: the average yearly solar power density of above powerplant = 0.11 W/m^2 Interestingly, there are many countries still...
  26. BlackholeGirl

    NASA [NASA] Cosmological projects instead of space exploration

    NASA decided to stop *WFIRST and concentrate on Mars project (send humans to Mars). What do you think about it? In my opinion, since a lot of ventures have begun space developments such as SpaceX and this proves that rockets make money, NASA should tackle WFIRST. Generally, we cannot earn...
  27. E

    Python Projects involving data science

    Hello, I am trying to do some projects on data science/machine learning using Python, but I am not sure what to do. I downloaded a very simple dataset from WHO, and I am trying to do something with it, but most of (actually all) what I can do with it is data manipulation and exploratory data...
  28. E

    Can Online Courses Alone Help Me Get a Data Job?

    Hello, I'm thinking to take some online courses like on Udemy, but I am not sure if this will add value to my CV by itself or I need to do some projects on the topic of interest to show employers what I know. What do you think? Thanks
  29. ISamson

    EE PF Projects Contests Interest

    Hello. I would be interested in conducting some EE DIY project contests on PF. Arduino and such. Some examples could be on arduino.cc and hackster.io. This thread is for me to get the numbers of users interested, so I could decide if to proceed with the idea or not. Thanks.
  30. ISamson

    Computer Possibilities with DIY IoT Projects and Products

    Hello. While planning to purchase an Arduino MKR1000 or ESP8266 I decided to analyse the possibilities with IoT projects. How far is it possible to go with DIY IoT projects? I have read a number of things on unboxing an MKR1000, setting it up, but it is hard to estimate the possibilities of...
  31. S

    Computer engineering projects for physics. Proposals?

    i'm a computer engineering student but i have always been interested in physics and wanted to contribute to it,next semester i will be working on my senior project and i was wondering if any of the physicists here or scientists in general think that there's something that i could create whether...
  32. thegreengineer

    Asking tips from experts: machining

    Good afternoon people. Today I don't want to ask something related to electronics or mathematics, but rather on another subject. In this case is about machining (as well as making my own mechanical pieces). So what's the matter? You may ask. Well let me explain to you. In the last couple of...
  33. EEristavi

    Engineering Electronic/Electric circuits and schemes & DIY projects

    Hello, I want something were I can find electric/electronic schemes and circuits to built by myself, starting from basics to complicated ones (with explanation, why and how it works). P.S. I'm also interested in books which involves other fields (eg. chemistry) and DIY projects
  34. eduardotobon

    Alternatives for Cabling Support in 40 Floor Projects

    I have a project of more than 40 floors in height, in which the cables go from ground floor to each of the floors (1 tube 2-1/2" PVC + 4 conductors THHN 3/0 + ground in the higher floors ) The designer recommends the use of OZ / GEDNEY type S cable clamps with pozi-grip These supports are very...
  35. Kumaken

    Application of integrals to find moment Inertia

    I need to make a project that integrates physics with math, involving the use of integrals to find moment inertia of areas. The theory could be read here :http://www.intmath.com/applications-integration/6-moments-inertia.php I need to make an object that applies the theory above. Can anybody...
  36. S

    Suggestions about a book on managing research projects

    Hi all, I'm a researcher in engineering and sometimes, I feel to not have a solid control on the project I manage. For example, sometimes my PhD students haven't done that much about the project even if I assigned tasks to them. I think the main problem is also due to: the information is not...
  37. Sanzmatic

    Misc. What kind of projects can I do at home?

    Hello, i am a high school student who is interested in physics. Me and my friends want to build something cool. Can be anything related to science. Nothing too complicated but nothing too easy. Something interesting and safe. No dangerous suggestions please. I do not have any qualifications as i...
  38. V

    Electronics Power Electronics Book with DIY Projects

    I am a recent Electrical Engineering grad specializing in Power Systems. Are there any books with DIY projects relating to Power Electronics? I would like to do some projects that I will be able to put on my resume so employers will see that I have hands-on experience.
  39. G

    Physics Validation of physics projects

    Hello, I have a slightly awkward question: what if someone has a great new engineering/physics project which he thinks might work, however he needs a team of specialists in order to validate it and to assess its feasibility? I've heard that many universities have some kind of "technology...
  40. S

    Other Interesting side project ideas for an undergrad (beginner)?

    So I'm entering my second year in uni doing a physics degree. We're just about to tackle on some of the interesting topics like EM (which I've self-learnt before), Classical Mechanics(we've already covered Newtonian) and QMech. Apart from my core academics, I'm interested in pursuing some...
  41. J

    "Easy" but cool electrical engineering projects

    Hello, I am looking for an "easy" but cool electrical engineering project. I've tried to make a mini tesla coil, but I keep messing up the coil part itself, so I am taking a step back from it for a while. Are there any relatively easy (I am beginning) electrical projects that you have heard of...
  42. Ahmad Kishki

    Ideas for Graduation Projects that involve lots of math

    I am EE majoring in signal processing with a deep interest in maths. I am looking for ideas for a graduation project that combines maths and my major.
  43. Dr. Courtney

    Insights Secrets of Successful Science Projects - Comments

    Dr. Courtney submitted a new PF Insights post Secrets of Successful Science Projects Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  44. A

    Instructions for Video Analysis Projects

    Hi all, I'm going to have my students (algebra-based mechanics at a community college) do a video analysis project and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any resources for good sets of instructions for this type of project. I'd like something pretty open-ended so students can choose their...
  45. Rx7man

    Green energy, ReRev and other projects

    OK, let me start of with the disclaimer that I'm all for green energy.., and that this is a little bit of a rant from a thorn in my side. So.. with that out of the way, I have to really doubt the validity of a lot of these green energy projects...The one that caught my eye in particular was...
  46. S

    Note organization for my research projects

    Hi all, I'm a researcher in mechanical engineering. I like taking note on every paper I read or the result of most of the analysis I carry out on my daily work. I use MS Onenote to type down notes and I believe it's a great tool. I'm searching for advices on the organization of notes. I'm...
  47. Shreyas Shree

    Physics experiments for undergraduates

    I am a 1st year undergraduate student. I am in need of some fascinating applied physics/ engineering physics projects that two 1st year undergraduates can complete in about 10 working hours, and as such not very difficult. We would like a project that we could build inexpensively, and calculate...
  48. T

    Java What are some open source projects for gaining experience with Java?

    Hello everyone. I am a computer science and applied math double major. I want to get involved in an open source project so I can gain experience and so I have something to show potential employers that I worked on. I just created a GITHUB account and I am not an expert at using it, nor have I...
  49. M

    Project Olympiad" in Bosnia: Seeking Innovative Energy Projects

    Hello, I'm high school student and I'm looking for energy project for "Project Olympiad" in Bosnia and Herzegowina. It has to be something already invented but very attractive and I will change something,make it different from original. Does someone know something not very hard,but also not simple?
  50. M

    Exploring Maths and CS Projects: Seeking Ideas and Resources

    Hi guys, I am currently enrolled in the second year of a computer science engineering course. Over the last couple of years, I have become a fortunate prisoner to mathematical fascination. I was always good at Maths but the schools I went to did not encourage much creativity and the teachers...