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Civil Engineering vs. EE Electronics

  1. Jul 12, 2015 #1
    So i have been selected for Higher Studies but very Confused between Civil engineering and Electrical Engineering Electronics...
    I have been offered Civil Engineering from NUST and EE Electronics FROM GIK...
    can u please advice me?
    i like Both fields.
    please tell me which has more requirement and jobs with better pays
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  3. Jul 15, 2015 #2


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    seems that they are both good fields to get into, but civil engineering will only get you into branches of civil engineering it seems like. Electrical engineering seems to have more options for jobs, and the pay for some jobs are significantly greater then others. But civil engineers generally have better job security, especially when working for the government. Do you have extensive experience in both? Have you thought of contacting people that you know that are civil engineers or electrical engineers?

    Personally, Electrical Engineering seems more fun. I have always enjoyed toying with electronics over building bridges with legos and what not. So think about what kind of job would make you happier.
  4. Jul 15, 2015 #3
    I like both civil and Electronics.
    Is electrical a secure field. Means that could i get a good job if i did it from the BEST university.
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    Electrical engineering may or may not be a secure field depending on where you live and what you wish to do with it. Now another thing is that there is no guarantee that you will get a job because you went to one of the "BEST" universities. Your university may have a bit of an impact, but other things to consider would be your grades, what experience you have with the field you choose, and any type of internships or letter of recommendations you would be able to get from a professor.

    So if you must choose between both universities and are able to, I suggest visiting both of them! Look around, talk to the people, talk to a professor or perhaps email one of them. Ask about what kind of internship and laboratory opportunities they have for undergraduates.
  6. Jul 15, 2015 #5
    So you mean to say that Civil Engineering is more Secure?
    I'v talked to people they say choose EEE but i'm still very confused.
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    In the Good ole US of A, a Civil engineer will likely need to also get a PE license, which takes more studying to accomplish to make himself more employable in the job market. As a Civil Engineer, you may actually need the license to advance in civil engineering. All other engineers can usually get by without PE licensure or as in Electronics Engineering, there is really no equivalent PE license (I guess, there may have been some recent additions to the PE coverage). You may look into that aspect of the engineering field that you will have to work with and deal with after graduation.
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    Well what I am saying is that civil engineers seem to keep their jobs for longer once they get them, and electrical engineers seem to have more job options. But that might just be since I come from a small town all the civil engineers had been working for the city or construction company for twenty plus years.

    The risk that comes with an electrical engineer may be that if you work for a small company, the company might go under, or you might only get contracted for a couple of years, but that is true in all companies and fields.

    I would say go with EEE since there seems to be more you can do with that degree, but that is solely my opinion.
  9. Jul 16, 2015 #8
    ok thank you for ur opinion :)
    it was helpful
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