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Civil Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering

  1. Jan 29, 2014 #1
    I'm sure these two have been compared before, but I'm wondering if anyone could grant me insight on what the Mechanical Engineering/Civil Engineering industry is like. I know Mechanical Engineering is much more broad, but how is the work on a day to day basis? What is the work on a day to day basis for a CE a well?

    I have little clue what both of the industries are like. I'm currently a second year Civil Engineering student thinking of switching to Mechanical. I am unsure if Civil is the right path for me because I haven't really experienced it at all, I've only taken Elementary and Advanced Surveying which I honestly dreaded going to class everyday. I'm currently taking Strengths of Materials and Dynamics and I have to say I really enjoyed these subjects along with Statics. I really enjoy learning the mechanics behind physical laws, crunching numbers, and taking apart/putting things together in the problems.
    I enjoy a desk job although I wouldn't mind working outside and travelling, however I would like to be able to provide for a family as well be able to spend a good amount of time with them. I like consistency and mathematical analysis. Any advice on what prospective jobs would be suitable for me in both fields would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask me more about my personality if more information is needed to help determine what seems more suitable.
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    I was not aware there was a pinned thread similar to this one already. I am going to read that, any suggestions/insight will still be appreciated though!
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    One of the possible disciplines in Mechanical is Fluid Dynamics. This can be experimental or computer simulations. It is not easy to find a computational fluid dynamics job in North America/Europe, as coding jobs are being outsourced. This is true for even quite good engineers with M.Sc. or PhDs
    Unsure of the situation in other Mechanical subdisciplines.

    All the best!
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