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Clarification on key concepts of string theory

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    I've been tasked with giving a presentation on any subject i like to my undergraduate physics class.
    Inspired by a recent lecture i attended by David Tong i have chosen to do a quick (10 minute) overview of the current state of theories beyond the standard model, obviously aimed at being understandable by the group.

    I was looking for clarification of something that Dr. Tong said (this is not an exact quote):

    "A very peculiar aspect of string theory is that there are aspects of the mathematics involved that can lead you to all the equations of relativity and mechanics"

    I was under the impression that he meant that they could come from the same algebraic root, unless this is similar to the fluid dynamics- gravitation correspondance where the equations of relativity with a negative cosmological constant reduce to the relativistic generalisations of the navier-stokes equations.(source)

    I'll insert a caveat here in that my knowlege of the mathematics involved is limited at the moment and that i could be mistaken about the fluidics-gravitation correspondance and its significance and that Dr. Tongs lecture was obviously aimed at the semi-layman so his quote may not be entirely representative of what actually happens mathematically.
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