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Clear plastic w slight elasticity

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    Hi, I'm not so well informed on plastics and chemistry to them but I need help finding a plastic that will fit the purposes of my need and uses.
    I'm looking for a plastic that is clear and elastic(doesn't have to be very elastic), or is the word i'm looking for plasticity, I'm not really sure. Ok, I'll make it easier;
    the plastic should resist tear upon single use, where it will be presses btwn two hard objects and one of the objects is pointy but not sharp. the plastic will be moulded so it should have a degree of elasicity so it should fit over the object it was initially moulded to fit over. Another thingis that the plastic should be clear and low in cost.
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    Welcome to PF, elDeeL. This sounds like a standard 'blister pack' to me. If so, PET (pop-bottle plastic) would be a good choice.
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    ok, I did a bit of research on PET and it sounds good for the purpose except for one bit, I need the material to fit over the required object by almost forcing it and i'm not sure if PET will do well with this. wouldn't it appear like it is in its semi-crystalline state when stretched? and if really made thin how will PET change, could it become more elastic and how about its plasticity(i'm trying to say being bent in different directions and maybe even kept so- not sure if i'm using the right terminology).
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    I see. You're correct about PET not liking to stretch, or even to flex over short distances. It becomes 'cloudy' due to internal stress. I'll try to dig up something more suitable. Maybe the stuff that they make beach-balls with? I don't know what it is, but I'll find out.

    edit: Okay, beach balls are apparently made of PVC.
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