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Closed form solutions to integrals of the following type?

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    For any integral where the integrand is of the form f(θ)^z, with z a complex number, and f(θ) = sin(θ), cos(θ), tan(θ), .... etc., θ being either real or complex. Is it possible to explicitly solve for an antiderivative? I'm not aware of any such way I could use residues/series representations here, and I've tried all kinds of substitutions for integrals of this type; in particular, of [sin(θ)]^z, z being a complex constant. Thank you in advance!!!!!

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    No, even if z is real (not rational).
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    most of them can be expressed in terms of hypergeometric functions.
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    Would you mind showing exactly how such an integral can be expressed via a hypergeometric function? Thanks in advance!
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    Great, thank you JJacquelin!
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