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CMOS Sensor with external reset control

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    I've been searching for a CMOS or CCD sensor with raw analog output and external reset/transfer control but has not been able to find this. Doesn't have to be great resolution.

    Anyone knows if there is a sensor like this on the market today?

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    What exactly do you mean as external reset/transfer control? I work in the area of solid-Sstate imaging. We make CCDs that are fully analog (inputs are clocks and transfer gate, outputs are pure analog. I might be able to help.
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    I thought the sensors would be integrate and dump, so they are continuously being reset.

    Better to explain exactly what you are actually trying to do, the timing requirements, sensitivity, etc.
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    I'm sorry I've might have been unclear with my post.

    With reset/transfer I mean the transistors in a 3T or 4T CMOS sensor. I would like to control the gates of these transistors externally.

    Actually what I'm trying to do is to read out the pixels during the time they are reset:ed to get the response of the photo diode without any accumulation/integration.

    What I have found is that some sensors can be set to zero integration time (exposure time) so my idea is to do that and slow down or totally stop the system clock to get the same behaviour. But then the output needs to be analog.
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    look at these arrays with different shutter options selected. Maybe one will do what you want. Then maybe you can find one with those features and analog out.
    Do you understand all the different shutter architectures?
    global shutter
    pipelined global
    pipelined and global trigger, etc


    It's pretty common to read out the "dark noise", but I don't know what sensors or control chips are used.
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    Yes, I need rolling shutter for this. I found a sensor on your link that I think will be perfect. Thanks.
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    Wow --- I'm surprised that rolling shutter works for what you want. It dumps a line at a time. Can you live with the changing exposure time as you sequence across the array?
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    Yes I'm going to read the line pixel by pixel while the line is reset:ed so that each pixel acts as a plain photo diode and not accumulating charge (no exposure time).
    Found several sensor with analog output where this is possible by controlling the X-CLK and Y-CLK seperatly and also controlling which line to reset and which to read.

    Pause Y-CLK at reset and control X-CLK to switch to next pixel after read.
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