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Coding - instilling a subconcious fear

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    "coding" - instilling a subconcious fear

    I just came across this article from 2005 and I found it curious


    I don't know a crap about psychology or medicine, so can somebody with knowledge explain if this therapy is possible to use even against a patient who knows it's just a placebo?
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    Re: "coding" - instilling a subconcious fear

    If the patient knows it's a joke, it's not going to work. They have to believe on some level.
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    Re: "coding" - instilling a subconcious fear

    Consciously the patient might think it's a joke, but the subconscious part of his brain might not think so..

    It might be the same kind of thing after watching a very nasty horror film, if I'd make a guess.

    Anyway, only one reply in this thread? :(
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    Re: "coding" - instilling a subconcious fear

    I think Evo's right, and you're basically saying a different version of the same thing, that the person might believe it on some level while consciously not believing they believe it.

    A good hypnotist can circumvent what you consciously believe and get to the undiscriminating child inside you.

    The fairly recently recognized phenomenon of Alert Hypnosis


    allows for the possibility of people being hypnotized without them being aware it's happening, which is what people like Derren Brown claim to be doing sometimes.

    To the extent someone could convince you, deep down, that anti-alcoholic "coding" is, in fact effected by the drugs and not the power of suggestion, it ought to work, despite any rumors you've heard to the contrary.
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