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News US state department won't report on sharp rise in global terror

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    Why is it thought that aggression will lead to less terror? Particularly pre-emptive aggression?

    This is from a few months ago, and I don't know if it has been discussed already. I searched for relevant articles based on Bush's comments today about more fighting, more aggression, more pre-emption necessary.
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    The thought process that terrorism will decrease with use of military invasions is misguided. Here is an interesting excerpt from the link:
    Attacks rose nine times from the previous year. (As for the 'handover of political authority' the highlight is mine.)

    The real reasons for terrorism are too complex, too embarrassing, and too long term. Americans have simple, arrogant, and short term views. Immediate military power is much more appealing.
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    Don't you think a military showing will also have long term effects? Such as countries being less willing to permit a bright-red bullseye to roam free in their borders?
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    Q When is a terrorist not a terrorist?

    A When the US gov't is compiling statistics on terrorism.

    I see in the article attacks on uniformed military personnel are not included as terrorist attacks and yet Bush insists daily his forces are being attacked by terrorists (to be spit out with lip curled). No wonder there is such confusion on this forum as to what constitutes terrorism when the US gov't can't agree with itself :biggrin:
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