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Coefficient of Kinetic Friction

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    At the bottom of a hill, a snowboarder with a velocity of 16m/s (FWD) skids to a stop after moving a distance of 9.4m. The mass of the board and rider is 71kg, and the magnitude of the force of kinetic friction during the skid is 950N.

    Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction during skidding.

    How would I go about solving this problem? What equations do I need to use?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    In the material that you have been studying, there will be an equation relating the force of friction to the mass of the object and the coefficient of friction. Can you write that equation for us?

    And then how will you apply it to this problem? Write the equation for Newton's Law, and describe how to use it in this problem...
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