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Cohen-Tannoudji or Shankar's textbooks in QM?

  1. Dec 29, 2007 #1
    So what are the pros and cons for choosing either QM by tannoudji or principles of QM by shankar?
    which one has more exercise and also interesting problems and which covers the QM undergraduate course more thoroughly?
    Which is better as a reference? and other enquiries that i will have as i see the replies coming in.
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    Yes I gave a glance at amazon reviews, it seems that tannoudji's is more comprehensive than shankar, but still if there are people here who tried shankar and/or tannoudji's books, could you address my questions in the opening post?

    thanks in advance.
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    I would have to ask your teacher what he thinks is best. Maybe the excersises in your course will be made by your teacher etc. But as I said, I would go for Shankar.

    maybe you want to check out a "problem and solutions" book for exersices if you want to do self studies. Also google for answers and solutions made by teachers for the most common textbooks if you want, because they are seldom included in textbooks. (The library is also good)

    And I also think that this is a good intro-book:
    it contains all you need, the introduction to the needs of QM, QM-formalism in dirac notation, shrödinger eq, one dimensional problems: boxes and harmonic oscillator, angular momenta, 3dim problems, perturbation and scattering. + solved problems and lots of excersices
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    Also a very good introductory book is:
    "Griffiths D.J., Introduction to quantum mechanics"
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    Well I think I would stick with my two options, but thanks for the other books' recommedations.
    As a matter of fact from one of the websites of the course griffiths' book is the main text and the two i've mentioned are the more comprehensive texts.
    for exercises there's also schaum's outline which from reviews i read is good for exercises, so this would be my option for loan from the library.
    Now another question of mine, is tannoudji's 2006 2 volume set, has new entries in the volumes, or it's just errors corrections?

    thanks in advance.
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