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Collapsing of 'Realities'

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    Currently I am working on a manga/comic of mine which imvolves science, especially stuff related to quantum mechanics. The theme of my manga is based on the 'collapsing of realities'...i.e, realities from different timescales would collapse at one place and try to exist at once, which would create the 'glitching' of realities. For example, a place will have an area from 1940s and another area from the 18th century...which would somehow include string theory and a wormhole. Yes, this might sound absurd but I really found it cool. However, I want my story to sound more believable...
    So, could anybody help me make a sense out of it? Also tell me if it's actually possible or not?(I know it sounds almost impossible, but still) If yes, then what could be the possible and believable. Thanks! :)
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    It is, sad to say, completely not possible and cannot be made believable. That doesn't mean that you can't make a good story out of it, but you'll be better served working on internal consistency rather than trying for consistency with any real physics.
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    Oh... alright. Thank you very much for replying as soon as you could.
    Internal consistency as in?
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