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Colleges with good undergrad engineering programs in CA

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    What are some good colleges/universities for undergrad engineering in California. I'm thinking electrical or mechanical engineering, with a double major with physics. Yes, I know Caltech and Harvey-Mudd, etc. are good colleges, but I mean the more realistic choices. How do the UCs compare... I would really like to get into UCLA. Are there any other good colleges for engineering, ones that aren't necessarily popular, but good nonetheless?
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    Usually the best students have been taught by the best professors. I'm a grad student at MAE department at UCSD. I can tell you UCSD has a great staff in mechanical, aerospace, electrical, structural and material engineering.
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    The UC's are really good. UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, etc. are very good schools. Also good are USC and Stanford. There are a lot of good engineering schools in California.
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    UC Berkeley is a great engineering school. Just read up on the programs and see what you think.
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    Computer Engineering colleges in Bay Area

    Any ideas on good computer engineering colleges in the Bay area, CA?
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    SCIT's Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science programs

    There are obviously several colleges with good engineering (undergraduate) programs in S.Cali but one that has small classroom sizes and quality education is Southern California Institute of Technology.

    Here are some of the programs they offer......

    http://www.scitech.edu/career-programs/information-technology-program/" [Broken]

    Have a look at these programs.
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