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Homework Help: Coloumbs Laws and electric fields

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    Determine the acceleration of a proton (q = +e, m = 1.67 E -27)
    in an electric field of intensity 500 N/C. How many times is this acceleration greater then that due of gravity

    I'm not so understanding on todays lessons
    teh 2 formulas I can recall are f = q*e
    and e = f/q
    but i dont see that helping here, can someone help me start off
    thanks guys.
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    HINT: Force = mass x acceleration
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    yup i knew of that
    i got mass, im looking for acceleration
    but whats force
    f = q * e right
    i got e just dont know what q is (what they mean by q = +e)
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    oh roger that
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