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Combination/Convergence of Laser Beams On A Singular Focal Point

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    Hey Guys, first of all I apologise if this question is posted in the wrong forum section and a mod has to move it to its correct location. I am trying to find information on combining the paths of several laser beams. I have found much complex information pertaining to the combination of the beams at the origin of the beams, ie say for example using prisms etc to combine several beams into a single beam which is then projected towards the target. However I cannot seem to find information on the effects of projecting several beams seperately onto a single focal point. Say for example 5 beams were trained on a single focal point some distance away from the lasers and that all the beams were monochromatic, of the same wavelength etc. Am I naive enough to think that the magnitude of the beams being 'felt' by the focal point would be somewhere in the region of the 5 beams combined? Can someone point me in the right direction on this one please?
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    Andy Resnick

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    What you describe is the principle behind the 'gamma knife'


    The intensities will add; the fields will most likely not since the different beams are incoherent with respect to each other.
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