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Combine two types of Circuits of a common purpose!

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    Hey Everybody!....i want to "combine" or "Mash up" a Design that I did with a design i found on the internet!.....It is a Distance meter by Ultrasound!!.....in my circuit i used PIC16F88 to control a LCD screen
    wich showed me the distance in %.....and it had two setpoints!....one low and one high!!.....if it reaches the low point it triggers a buzzer, and vicecersa.....i design it for to mantain a distance between a range!.....

    Soo....what is my problem...i want to control a water tank in the back of my house....but i want to be able to see the display from a not too far distance....so i want to change the LCD display for a 3 digit 10mm Height 7 segment display!!!.....the buzzer system i want to change it for a much louder buzzer so i can hear it from inside the house, and for the "buzzer alarm" system also i want to add two light bulbs of 60W....one Red for Low level and one Green for high level.....so how do i make the power alarm system couple to the digital circuit??....optocouplers??....how??.....and how do i change the LCD
    for the 7 segment display??.....im using the LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 ultrasonic transducer!!......

    in conclusion...i found on the internet two circuits diagrams that uses the 7 segment displays but no alarms...and they used different ultrasonic transducer.....im new at digital electronics so i want to mantain my original circuit diargram with my transducer but with the 7 segment display and the alarms system much more louder and with the indicatived lamps red and green!!

    I appreciate so much what you can do!!!......

    this are the internet links for the other two circuits!!

    http://www.best-microcontroller-proj...pic-sonar.html [Broken]

    http://hobby_elec.piclist.com/e_pic6_6.htm [Broken]

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    Here is a pretty rough scheme of what im doing and need.....Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

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