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Combining two programs into one in C

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    Is it possible to combine two programs in C?
    I mean for example you're wriitng a program where you will need to introduce another one that you have written before and you don't need to wrest your time in rewritting it again. Then i want to know how i can create if possible a link which can let you access it where it saved on the disk. (Like those links on the web pages).
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    You can use the #include preprocessor directive to include one source file inside of another. Depending upon your operating system, you can also use system calls like exec() to run a compiled program from within another.

    - Warren
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    jim mcnamara

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    You can also write one "main()" module, then compile all three together. Assuming the other two modules are not just one giant main() each. example
    Code (Text):

    // prog1.c
    int foo1(int);
    int foo2(int);
    int main(int argc, char **argv)
          printf("%d\n", foo1(13) +  foo2(10));
          return 0;
    Code (Text):

    // prog2.c
     int foo1(int val)
        return val+1;
    Code (Text):

    // prog3.c
    int foo2(int val)
        return val+val;
    Depending on your OS and your development environment you cimpile these togetehr. Here is a UNIX/Linux example:
    Code (Text):

    cc -o myprog  prog1.c prog2.c prog3.c
    You can also create a library or an archive of your foo1, foo2 modules. What they are called and how to make them depends on your OS and your compiler: .sl .so .a
    are common "filetypes" for these in UNIX.
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    Ok i see but i can't understand clearly. May be it is just because i still on the low level. so can you give me a link where i can learn about string library cause i guess it is that field!?
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    jim mcnamara

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